They'll be moving on soon...

group shotIn his three years at Westfield, Isaiah recognizes the rarity that is the tight-knit community at Westfield. “The memories I have made at Westfield have sculpted my life and how I see the world around me. Reflecting on all the times I bonded with people around me through Westfield experiences brings me such a bittersweet feeling. Everything happens for a reason, and each person you meet can impact your life tremendously. And there is no other place this occurs more than Westfield. I have learned that hard work will always pay off if you stick to it. I discovered that everyone comes from different walks of life and has their own experiences. Most importantly, I learned how to love and care for people who care for me.” 


Isaiah is thankful for the strong bonds he has made during his time at Westfield. He vividly remembers his first day.  “I remember walking in on the first day of school in 6th grade. It was raining, so drop-off was indoors. I was pacing around, clueless because I didn’t remember what to do when one of the boys in my class approached me and asked if I was in 6th grade. He led me over to the other boys in my class, and they asked me many questions about me. [. . .] Even though I was nothing like them, they didn’t care much about that and still treated me like one of their own.[. . .] After that day, I felt like I had been going here for years.” 


Isaiah greatly appreciates the people that Westfield has brought into his life. “I would never be the same without these people; they changed my life for the better. Even though I have known everyone here for at most only three years, Westfield Friends School is home to some of the wisest adults, amazing children, and impactful people to walk this earth.”


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