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During his eight years at Westfield, Parker deems his memories “some of the best times of my life.” He thinks fondly of the academic projects he has completed in different classes. “Some of my favorite memories include doing our ‘Million Dollar Project’ in 5th grade with Mrs. DeMarco and our annual presentation of the different species of penguins in 2nd grade.” 


Parker cherishes the memories he has made in Middle School as well. “Presenting the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in 6th grade with Mrs. Parry was one of the best experiences so far. I also enjoyed the 6th and 7th grade trip to Virginia to see the Luray Caverns along with making a stop in Washington D.C. on our way home.” 


Parker acknowledges the unique, close-knit community that is Westfield and says that high school will be “a much bigger environment compared to WFS.” Nonetheless, Parker is appreciative of all that Westfield has offered him. “I am grateful for the memories I have made here and the good times I've had.”


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