Alumni Donors by Graduation Year

Westfield Friends School appreciates the sustained connections with its former students, pictured here in their graduating class photos. Your continued support is valued and it ensures that there are more graduates that go on to lead lives of conscience and consequence. You help us create the world we seek.
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Listing of donors to Westfield Friends School, including cash and in-kind gifts to the Annual Fund, In Memory Of, In Honor Of, Endowment, Grant Funding, Planned Giving, Spring Event, Golf Outing, and designated gifts from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. Donations received after June 30, 2022 will be reflected in next year’s report.

* Donors with an asterisk are members of the 1788 Circle (contributions of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund in FY2021-2022)
Charles H. Carpenter Jr. '46  
  Dr. Delma Broussard '70
Philip '47 and Naomi Lippincott  
  William Robb Graham '70
Willard J. Remphrey, Jr in Memory of Irene Ochs Remphrey '48  
Stephen ‘72 and Olga Voellinger*
Dr. & Mrs. C. Miller Biddle 4th '50  
  Lisa Shapiro Boehm '75
Dr. Thomas '50 and Christine Dickson  
  John '75 and Kate Latimer
William "Eddie" Hendrickson '52  
  Angela G Garcia '80
Betsy Napier Wood '52  
  Molly and Joshua ‘83 Cope
Sandy Wasson ‘52  
  Emily Garrigle Leonard '83
Mr. David Landgraf ‘53  
  Joseph Neff '83
Clark Hobbie ‘53  
  Deidre '86 and Christopher Kempf
Gay Showell Nily '55  
  Dr. Robert F. McFadden, MD ‘87
Mr. & Mrs. Peter '56 and Wendy Brunt  
  Juliana Cope '88 & Ethan Gamache
Robert '56 and Lucia Knight  
  David ‘88 and Dana Shields
Mr. Jay Tyler '56  
  Mr. Ethan Birchard '91
Marie Persic Cowan '56  
  Michael Cope '91 and Catherine Cronin
Gretchen ‘57 and Richard DeCou*  
  Barry Koen '94
Robert Landgraf ‘57  
  Taylor ‘94 and Kristin Hoffman Parry
Mr. Brian Loveland ‘57  
  Mr. Taggart Davis '95
Patricia Loney Sidelsky '57  
  Duncan Holby '97
Scott Chambers ‘58*  
  Gina Santino '97
Ms. Lydia S. Hunn '58  
  Will Coleman '99
Ellen Miller '58  
  Tyler Cope '99
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur '59 and Roberta Abramowitz  
  Danielle and Colin '99 Lucas
Dr. & Mrs. William and Linda Stevenson ‘59 Kimball  
  Thomas Smith '99
Jonathan Kriebel '60  
  Rachel Cope Tarvin '99 and Luke Tarvin
Jane Pyne '60  
  Nora '00 and Jonathan Sheridan
Robert Abramowitz ‘61 and Susan Stewart*  
  David Skinner '00*
Marion Benner '61 Iles*  
  Ryan Ellis '01
David Good '63  
  Rebecca Cope '03
Jack ‘63 and Valerie Parry  
  Chase Dubrow '03
Judy ‘64 and Rob ‘64 Cope*  
  Paige Henderson '04
Barbara Gardiner '64  
  Julie Martin '04 and Sean Denson
Susan '64 and David Giffen  
  Andrew Shreter '04
Gregory Kriebel '64  
  Liz Spagnoletti-Hecker ‘04
Robert '64 and Susanna McVaugh  
  Rossella Cusumano '05
Lawrence ‘64 and Catherine Rogers  
  Alison Barton '06
Richard Feldman '65  
  Paige Dubrow '08
Susie Ransome '65  
  Ashley Taconet '09
Donna Reed '65  
  Rachel Brown '12
Mary '65 and Donald Shannon  
  Katie Kasperson '13
Mr. Robert Andreola '66  
  Scott Kozarsky '13
Dr. Walter Kornienko ‘67  
Kathy Andreola '67 and James Mullin*  
Neil J. '68 and Megumi Kozarsky  
Alice Good '69  
We do try to acknowledge all gifts accurately. If you notice any errors or omissions, please accept our sincere apology and let us know of the mistake so we are able to make the necessary corrections.
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