Class of 2024

Congratulations Westfield Graduates!

class of 2024We are proud to share our graduates' reflections on their experiences at Westfield, written as they were winding down their year. 
Their graduation ceremony speeches also accompany these.  As many are aware, this is a cherished long-standing tradition at Westfield Friends School for generations of alumni.

As taken from Head of School, Margaret Haviland's, address to the graduating class and their families and friends during the graduation ceremony, these speeches are the sum total of every experience and every person in their community who has touched their lives. We appreciate how their distinctive voices blend to form a complex unity - Together they have found strength and power in their differences.

Teacher Margaret also expressed the following: "Marjory Wentworth, a poetess in her own right has written a poem celebrating 13th-century Sufi Mystic Rumi’s approach to life and poetry. This poem – “Spin a Song: Celebrating Rumi”-- should give you a sense of our graduates' process in creating their speeches and embracing the power they gain from speaking their truth. 

“Spin a Song”
by Marjory Wentworth

Walk out of your room
beneath the morning sky;
let the sun enter your heart,
and find a way 
to keep it there. 

Make a song from the light
falling through the air,
and dance even when
you are alone. 

Dance if you are still sad.
Dance when you are tired.
Dance until your feet lift
off the ground like wings.

And later, when the stars
are spinning in the night, 
put your ear to the ground
and listen to the songs 
rising up from the earth

Everywhere you go.
There is music."



Julia expresses her ease in school, mentioning how her classmates and teachers at Westfield have provided her with a conducive environment to learn and grow.

In her eight years at Westfield, Julia acknowledges the impact that the school has had on her. “Between the traditions, plays, and musicals, and the friendly community that Westfield has cultivated, I’ve always felt comfortable in school. My classmates and teachers have allowed me to learn and thrive at Westfield.”  

Julia has many memories during her time at Westfield that she holds dearly. “Some of my favorite memories include working at the Westfield Summer Camp, going to Virginia, and dressing as Bruce Springsteen in the New Jersey fourth-grade wax museum. The various plays, such as Go Fish!, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the nativity scene, were such exciting experiences, as well.” 

Looking back on her experience at Westfield, Julia feels well-prepared for high school. “In my classes, whether it be math, Social Studies, or art class, I always feel as if I’m learning something that will benefit me in the future.” She feels grateful for her Westfield community. “The environment Westfield creates for its students allows them to grow, be engaged, and feel safe while learning.”


KYLANDuring his two years at Westfield, Kylan is grateful for the bonds he has created. “I am glad I was able to create strong bonds with the teachers and the students in this school. Westfield has prepared me for high school, and the challenges that may come with it. This school and its people will forever stay in my mind and my heart.”


Kylan expresses that the Westfield community welcomed him with open arms. “At Westfield, I was easily able to fit in with everyone, and I made a lot of friends that I hope to keep in contact with once I leave. My friends and teachers were always nice, understanding, and helpful, which made this school a better experience for me.”

Kylan has several Westfield memories that he thinks fondly of. “Some of my best memories and experiences are the field trips and the winter concert. My favorite trips were the Virginia trip last year, Camp Dark Water, and the One Man Show.” 



Cole has been at Westfield since Pre-K and is grateful for the friendships he’s formed along the way. “Because I came in pre-k , I have had many interactions with people throughout my 10 years at WFS. Some people in my class right now I have been friends with since pre-k. I developed really good relationships at WFS with my classmates and teachers. WFS has definitely built my ability to foster relationships and friends, but I feel it also has taught me how to be a nice person and care for people.” 

Cole thinks fondly of the memories he’s made during his time at Westfield. “In middle school, I have had many good experiences like the Virginia trip, and being in the Mid Summer’s Night Dream production in sixth grade.” 

Cole appreciates the opportunity for community and relationship-building that Westfield has given him. “I would just like to say thank you to WFS for being a part of my childhood and thank you for contributing to who I am today.”


Kayla has enjoyed the community and closeness that is shared with everyone, over her nine years at Westfield.

In her nine years at Westfield, Kayla has appreciated the friendly atmosphere. “I have been at Westfield Friends for nine years, with each year filled with everlasting memories. One of my favorite things about Westfield is the community and the closeness everyone shares with each other.”

Some of Kayla’s favorite Westfield memories are the Asian banquet and the nativity scene in second grade. “Going into middle school, I most remember our trips to Camp Dark Waters and Virginia, as well as launching rockets in the rain in seventh grade.”

Kayla finds herself grateful for her time at Westfield. “I’ll always remember the Westfield community I grew up in.”


We are excited to share that Kayla received scholarships to Paul VI High School. Congratulations, Kayla!


Mekhi learned at Westfield that it is important to speak up for what you believe in and that way, as he shared in a quote, you can "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

In his two years at Westfield, Mekhi recognizes the impact that Westfield has had on him. “The friends I’ve made and every memory has taught me something that will stick with and help me throughout my high school years and throughout my life.” 

Along with establishing friendships and memories, Mekhi has learned a great deal academically during his time at Westfield. “My first year here was a new leaf for my learning journey.” He has also discovered the importance of standing by one’s morals. “One thing I learned from being at Westfield is to speak up for what you believe [. . .] to never give up on something you care about.”

Mekhi is appreciative of his time at Westfield. “These have been the most influential two years of my life!”


Zahra feels well-prepared after her time at Westfield for her next step - her freshman year in high school.


Zahra is thankful for all that Westfield has given to her. “The experiences, friendships, knowledge, guidance, and memories I have gained at Westfield Friends School are indefinable.” She deems her years at Westfield “some of the most valuable and unforgettable years of my life.” 

One of Zahra’s favorite memories during her time at Westfield was her 6th-grade production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “It's always been the first thing that pops to mind when describing my first year at Westfield. I remember everything from that play, from the magical costumes and euphonious music we sang to the funny-sounding Shakespearean lines we spoke.” Another favorite memory of Zahra’s was her 7th-grade Virginia trip. “These are just some of my most precious and joyful moments at Westfield.” 

Zahra is appreciative of Westfield and all that it has taught her. “I still have much more to learn, experience, and do in my final year at Westfield. No matter what the rest of the year holds, I know I will be well prepared for the next step next year as a freshman in high school.”


Ricky thanks Westfield and its community for making him the person he is today.

In his ten years at Westfield, Ricky is grateful for the positive impact that Westfield has made on his life. “From the friends I made to the teachers who helped me throughout my Westfield experience, this has been a special experience. I am one of the few students that has stayed since pre-k. I know for a fact, for years to come I'll remember this as a good experience.” 

Ricky has several Westfield memories and traditions that he holds close to his heart. “In 6th grade, our class put on “Midsummer Night's Dream” by Shakespeare. I will always remember that. [. . .] For Halloween, we have a Halloween guessing game, which has been a highlight of my school years. This year we are putting on “Schoolhouse Rock!” with Ms. Fielding. Doing plays with Mrs. Parry and Ms. Fielding has been one of the biggest highlights in my middle school experience.” 

Ricky thanks Westfield and its community for making him the person he is today. “Westfield made me a better person. It taught me perseverance, responsibility, and time management. The staff is also wonderful. Mr. Wayne, Ms. Theresa, and Mr. Don have always been a delight to encounter in the hallways. After I see them I always leave with a smile. Westfield will always stay with me, no matter where I go.”


Isaiah reflects that the memories he has made at Westfield have sculpted his life and how he sees the world around him.

In his three years at Westfield, Isaiah recognizes the rarity that is the tight-knit community at Westfield. “The memories I have made at Westfield have sculpted my life and how I see the world around me. Reflecting on all the times I bonded with people around me through Westfield experiences brings me such a bittersweet feeling. Everything happens for a reason, and each person you meet can impact your life tremendously. And there is no other place this occurs more than Westfield. I have learned that hard work will always pay off if you stick to it. I discovered that everyone comes from different walks of life and has their own experiences. Most importantly, I learned how to love and care for people who care for me.” 

Isaiah is thankful for the strong bonds he has made during his time at Westfield. He vividly remembers his first day.  “I remember walking in on the first day of school in 6th grade. It was raining, so drop-off was indoors. I was pacing around, clueless because I didn’t remember what to do when one of the boys in my class approached me and asked if I was in 6th grade. He led me over to the other boys in my class, and they asked me many questions about me. [. . .] Even though I was nothing like them, they didn’t care much about that and still treated me like one of their own.[. . .] After that day, I felt like I had been going here for years.” 

Isaiah greatly appreciates the people that Westfield has brought into his life. “I would never be the same without these people; they changed my life for the better. Even though I have known everyone here for at most only three years, Westfield Friends School is home to some of the wisest adults, amazing children, and impactful people to walk this earth.”


Henrietta appreciates that the traditions at Westfield ensure that 'every student is included and having a great time!'

In her nine years at Westfield, Henrietta has made unforgettable friendships and memories. “ I have created so many memories that will be with me always. I have formed connections with my teachers and made so many strong friendships that I know will last for the rest of my life.” 

Henrietta is appreciative of the traditions she has experienced and the memories she has made during her time at Westfield. “From Halloween Guessing to singing “Lean On Me” with the whole school to Field Day, every single event planned at this school is so fun and thoughtful. This place really works hard to ensure that every student is included and having a great time!” Henrietta also enjoyed the Nativity scene in 2nd grade, studying famous New Jerseyans in 4th grade, her 6th grade production of A MidSummer Night’s Dream, and her Middle School field trips to Virginia, Washington D.C., and Camp Dark Waters. 

Henrietta is also grateful for all that she has learned academically at Westfield. “While Westfield makes sure that we are having a great time, we are also being filled with knowledge and learning so many cool new things every single day. I am grateful that I have been in Advanced Math for the past 3 years because I have been enlightened to countless new topics and skills.” Henrietta deems her teachers “such amazing people and I am so happy that I have gotten the chance to be taught by them. I know that I will thrive in the future because of the knowledge I have gained here.” 

Henrietta thinks of her time at Westfield very fondly. “I will cherish for the rest of my life every single memory I have made at Westfield Friends and am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school.”

We are excited to share that Henrietta has received the Bishop Eustace School Merit-Based Scholar award. Congratulations, Henrietta!


Micah is appreciative of the great teachers that he has had during his time at Westfield.

Micah’s friends have contributed to his pleasant time at Westfield. “My friends have been one of the highlights of my time in this school. They’ve really helped me get through the year, and have really motivated me. [. . .] I’ve made so many good memories with the [friends] I have, in and out of the classroom. 

Micah has also enjoyed the field trips he has taken in his two years at Westfield. “Some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had were the field trips. From my first overnight trip at Camp Dark Waters to taking an awesome hike in Virginia, there was always something that I liked and had fun with.” 

Micah is appreciative of the great teachers that he has had during his time at Westfield. “The teachers at this school are great. Teacher Josh and Teacher Kristin have definitely been highlights for me, as you can just walk up to them and be like “hey, I need some help” and they jump to it, doing everything they can to make sure you understand the material. As someone who has come from public school, I never really got support like that, so I was really happy to see that I could ask for help and get it so easily.” 

The class that most resonates with Micah is Art class. “Art is a very fun and freeform class. It really encourages you to experiment and try new things. I’ve always wanted to have an art class, and I think it was a really good introduction, and a great experience!”


Sara recounts "... My time at Westfield is not just a chapter in my story; it’s a defining part of my life that I will always remember and love.”

Sara credits Westfield for contributing to the person she is today. “The friendships I have made, the teachers I have met, the traditions I have experienced, all of these are parts of Westfield that are now a part of me. Westfield is a place of pure joy and unforgettable memories.” 


Sara has many Westfield memories and traditions that she cherishes. “A particularly precious memory I have is from my first year here; a Shakespeare musical we performed, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The entire journey, from rehearsals to final performances, was a journey filled with fun, laughter, and memories worth a lifetime.” She also enjoyed her class trips to Camp Dark Waters and Virginia, as well as the end of year performances in June.“It's the perfect way to end the school year.” 

Sara also recognizes the significance of her academic journey at Westfield. “ My two favorite [science projects] are the rocket project and the colony project. In sixth grade, we had a colony project in which we had to create a colony on a different planet. My group had settled on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons). We had built miniature houses and people, creating a beautifully decorated town. We have also built and launched rockets in science class [. . .] launching them in the rain and trying to catch them as they fell back from the sky was very enjoyable.” 

Sara will take Westfield’s impact with her as she enters into high school. “My time at Westfield has shaped me into who I am today. This school has taught me so much more than academics. It has taught me about Quaker values and life lessons that are a part of my identity. The memories and knowledge I have gained here will forever be cherished. My time at Westfield is not just a chapter in my story; it’s a defining part of my life that I will always remember and love.”


Parker has spent eight years at Westfield forming “some of the best times of my life.”
parker l

During his eight years at Westfield, Parker deems his memories “some of the best times of my life.” He thinks fondly of the academic projects he has completed in different classes. “Some of my favorite memories include doing our ‘Million Dollar Project’ in 5th grade with Mrs. DeMarco and our annual presentation of the different species of penguins in 2nd grade.”  

Parker cherishes the memories he has made in Middle School as well. “Presenting the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in 6th grade with Mrs. Parry was one of the best experiences so far. I also enjoyed the 6th and 7th grade trip to Virginia to see the Luray Caverns along with making a stop in Washington D.C. on our way home.”  

Parker acknowledges the unique, close-knit community that is Westfield and says that high school will be “a much bigger environment compared to WFS.” Nonetheless, Parker is appreciative of all that Westfield has offered him. “I am grateful for the memories I have made here and the good times I've had.”


Imogene, after being a student here for eleven years, deems Westfield a big part of her life and appreciates the positive influence that the community has had on her.

imogeneWhile being at Westfield for eleven years, Imogene recognizes the impact that the school and community has had on her. “My time at Westfield has shaped me into the person I am today and I am very grateful for all the memories I have gained.” 

Imogene has several Westfield memories and traditions that she holds dearly. “One of my favorite traditions at Westfield is the nativity scene performed by the second grade. When I was baby, I got to be baby Jesus and once I was in second grade, I got to be Mary.” She has also enjoyed all of the performances that she got to be a part of, some of her favorites being— Go Fish!, Barnyward Musical, and A MidSummer Night’s Dream. 

Imogene has also appreciated the class field trips during her time at Westfield. “I’ve gone to Camp Dark Waters for one night both this year and last year. Camp Dark Waters brought me out of my comfort zone, and I am so grateful for that. The other overnight trip I went on was to Virginia to go caving. That trip was quite an adventure [. . .] I made a lot of memories that I will cherish forever.” 

Imogene deems Westfield a big part of her life and appreciates the positive influence that the community has had on her. “I have had so many more wonderful memories and experiences in my time at Westfield, but I would be writing forever if I told every single one of them. My family has been a part of the school’s community for almost 20 years when my eldest sister entered the school and it is so crazy that we have such a short time left. I will never forget about Westfield and all of the memories that I’ve made.”