Extended Day Program

2022-2023 Extended Day Program

Extended Day is for play

Our extended program is for current students who need additional care outside school hours. We offer a morning session (7:30 to 8:00 AM) and an afternoon session (3:00 to 5:30 PM). Currently, there are three pricing/attendance plans to provide flexibility to families in our community. All students must register for one of the three options even if you don't plan on having them attend Extended Day. By doing so we are ready to have them attend the program should a last-minute need arise.

PLEASE VISIT Family Portal to access REGISTRATION* in Resource Documents. *Please note that all families must complete the response link even if the Program is not needed.

Morning Session (7:30 - 8:00 AM, Preschool Building)


Students prepare for their day by playing, reading, studying, and socializing.

Drop-Off Procedure  

All students must be dropped off at the back of the Preschool Building. Enter the parking lot near the Meeting House, driveway closest to Route 130, across from Bagelati.

Extended Day is for friends

Afternoon Session (3:00 - 5:30 PM, Main Building)


Students use this time to socialize, use the indoor gym, play outside, or start homework. Parents must provide a daily afternoon snack. Additional activities may require advanced registration and may include an additional charge. The school will notify parents of these activities in advance.

Pick Up Procedure  

Students are picked up at the atrium doors at the front of the main school building. Enter the main school driveway and park in the lot facing Riverton Road. Ring the doorbell on the atrium door, and staff will bring your child to you. A parent or guardian must sign out all students.



● The Morning Extended Day Program is included in Preschool tuition

Option 1: Annual Plan 
  • One-time yearly registration fee of $50 per family.
  • Once enrolled, this is a commitment for the year, and you can only add services.
  • Once enrolled, all fees will be added to your existing tuition installment plan to minimize the impact on your cash flow and maximize the benefit of spreading out payments over the remaining installments. 
# Days 1 2 3 4 5
Morning Session
$225 $435 $650 $815 $1020
Afternoon Session
$595 $1190 $1733 $1865 $2294
  Option 2: As-Needed Plan
  • One-time yearly registration fee of $60 per family.
  • Morning Session: ​$8 flat rate per morning.
  • Afternoon Session - ​$18 flat rate per afternoon.
  • All fees will be invoiced monthly
  Option 3: Drop-in Plan
  • No registration fee
  • Morning Session: $15 flat fee per morning
  • Afternoon Session​: ​$25 flat fee​ ​per afternoon 
  • All fees will be invoiced monthly by the 10th of the following month 

Families are billed according to their chosen plan for the school year whenever a student is on campus without a parent/guardian before 8:00 AM or after 3:15 PM. Families will be charged according to the Drop-In Plan if no plan was selected.

LATE FEE PENALTY for pick ups past 5:30 PM - $1/MINUTE; $15 minimum.

Helpful Tips for Families

  • Please communicate specific needs/instructions about children directly to the Extended Day Program staff.
  • All school rules, policies, and expectations for student behavior are in effect in the Extended Day Program.
  • All billing is handled through the FACTS system. Prompt payment of fees is expected.
  • Questions or concerns about the Extended Day Program should be directed to the Director of Extended Day Programs at 856-829-0895 x135 or [email protected]
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