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Extended Day Program

2020-2021 Extended Day Program and Policies

Extended Day is for play

Westfield Friends School offers extended day hours to our families. Whenever a student is on our campus outside of the normal school day and is not in the care of their parents and guardians, they must be a part of our Extended Day Program. The school day runs from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Any student entering the building before 8:00 AM will be placed in the Extended Day Program and charged according to the parents fee plan choice..

Anytime a child is on campus after 3:00PM for scheduled tutoring, clubs, or other activities and not with their parents, they are automatically a part of our Extended Day Program and families will be billed for their child's time spent at school after regular school hours. The Extended Day Program includes time for a snack, time to play outdoors (weather permitting), and help with homework.


Morning Extended Day for Preschool students is ​7:30AM until 8:00 AM​ in the Preschool Building.

Morning Extended Day for grades Pre-K through 8th will be held from ​7:30AM until 8:00 AM ​outside. All Pre-K through 8th grade students arriving on campus before 8:00 AM will be met by Extended Day staff on the backside of the atrium/auditorium. Parents should enter the property by using the driveway closest to Route 130 and driving through the cemetery on the ribbons. Before your child exits the car, the morning Extended Day staff person will take your child’s temperature and if all is well assist your child out of the car. Students in the after school program will also be dismissed on the backside of the atrium/auditorium. Please use the same procedure for entering the property.

During morning Extended Day for Pre-K through 8th grade, students are welcome to prepare for their day by relaxing with a book, studying, and quietly socializing with friends. Students will be dismissed to the classroom teacher at 8:00AM.


Extended Day is for friends

The Afternoon Extended Day Program operates from 3:00PM until 5:00PM. Preschool students will remain in the Preschool building. PreK through 8th grade will remain in the main school building. The Afternoon Program includes time for snack, socializing, outdoor or indoor play, and homework or reading. Due to COVID-19 parents need to provide a daily afternoon snack.


Some after school activities may include an additional charge. These activities will be advertised in advance, may include an additional cost, and will require advanced registration.


Helpful Tips for Extended Day Program Families:

  • Please communicate specific needs/instructions about children directly to the Extended Day Program staff.
  • All school rules, policies, and expectations for student behavior are in effect in the Extended Day Program
  • All billing is handled through the FACTS system. Prompt payment of fees is expected.
  • Questions or concerns about the Extended Day Program should be directed to the Director of Extended DayPrograms at 856-829-0895, x.135 or send an email to ​jsmith@westfieldfriends.org

2020-2021 Extended Day Payment Plan Options



● The Morning Extended Day Program is included in Preschool tuition

PreK through 8th grade

Westfield Friends offers 3 PAYMENT PLANS for the Extended Day Program. ​If your child is not picked up by 3:15pm they will be logged into the After School program and you will be charged the Extended Day fee according to the fee plan choice. If a parent or guardian does not register for one of the options, then they will be charged the Drop-In fee.

Option 1: The ‘Annual Plan’ - ​The more you use this plan the greater the discount.
  • One-time yearly registration fee of $50 per family
  • Enrollment in this plan can take place at any time
  • Once enrolled, this is a commitment for the year, and you can only add services
  • All fees will be processed through your FACTS account
  • If enrolled by August 14th, Annual Plan fees will be payable in 9 equal installments payable on the last day of the month starting August 31, 2020. The number of installments reduces as time passes. All Annual Plan fees will be paid in full by the end of April.
# Days per week 1 2 3 4 5
Before School
7:30AM - 8:00AM flat fee
$225 $435 $650 $815 $1020
After School
until 5:00 PM flat fee
$595 $1190 $1733 $1865 $2294
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Option 2: The ‘As Needed Plan’
  • One-time yearly registration fee of $60 per family.
  • Fees are incurred at the rates listed below.
  • All fees will be invoiced by the 10th of the following month through FACTS Management in line with the next payment plan due date you selected for tuition
  • Before School 7:30AM - 8:00AM - ​$8 flat rate per morning
  • After School until 5:00PM - ​$18 flat rate per afternoon
Option 3: Drop-in as needed
  • No registration fee or form is required
  • Before and After School - ​$15 flat fee for Before School ​and ​$25 flat fee​ ​for After School
  • All fees will be invoiced by the 10th of the following month through FACTS Management in line with the next payment plan due date you selected for tuition


LATE FEE: For all plans, if you are late and staff have to stay past 5:00PM - $1/MINUTE; $15 minimum.

COVID-19: ​​Should local, regional, or state government officials require Westfield Friends School to switch to distance learning for COVID-19 reasons only, not including announced vacation days, holidays, or any other non-COVID-19 stoppages, the School will refund Annual Plan students the daily extended day rate of the student’s particular plan, beyond 14 days on an annualized basis. The School will track eligible days.