Westfield Friends School

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Head of School Message

A Snapshot of This Friendly Place 


A first grader comes into the office to ring the morning bell; a fifth grader and a classmate lead the lower school through the Monday morning meeting; a second grader answers one of Teacher Deborah’s questions during “Looking at Art”, our school wide art lecture held every Tuesday morning; During the middle school student-led Meeting, an eighth grader stands to speak about the ambiguity of what 9th grade will be like ; a Pre-K student prepares a piece for the annual Pre-K art show; a third grader, who has always been shy, comes alive on stage during the third grade play; a seventh grader and a fourth grader work together on a project during one of our monthly “Quaker days”.

These are just some of the many things you would observe if you were to come by “This friendly place” at any given time of the week, and any given time of the year. Here at Westfield Friends School, we embrace our role as educators, mentors, and family members. We are a community of learners, and we recognize and value what each child needs in order to make the best of his or her school experience, both in the classroom, and out.

Our students are known by the adults as if they were their own children. The students also share deep connections with each other.  They do this in multiple ways, including our buddy program where students of different grades get together up to five times a month, and our Wednesday morning all school Meeting, where the seventh graders walk in with, and sit beside the kindergarteners. The result is a student body that respects, looks after, and cares for one another.

When you combine this sense of family, engagement, and learning with an excellent academic program, you graduate students who are confident, compassionate, understand their place in a confusing world, and are sought after by the best secondary schools. If this is what you would like for your own child, come visit us. See and feel for yourself what makes us so special. If you do, I have a strong sense that you won’t just send your children to school, you’ll send them to Westfield Friends.
Jon Hall, EdD
Head of School