Head of School Message

The Future We Seek for Children Begins Here

Dr. Margaret Haviland, Head of School, Headshot

The historian in me knows we are living through an inflection point in history. I remember standing outside three days after 9/11 and thinking how quiet it was and then four small planes flew overhead on their way from having been grounded at Philadelphia International Airport to their home airport in Chester County. We know how our lives changed after that event. We will look back on this time of COVID-19 and be able to name the ways our lives have been transformed. Westfield Friends School will navigate this set of challenges as it has others in its 200 plus years of history. Continuing revelation is a core tenet of the Religious Society of Friends. With each new challenge, we learn to respond and to adapt to help our community members thrive.

This spring Westfield Friends School successfully moved to an online learning platform. As you look through our social media and our website you will see examples of our success in our goals to maintain our community connections, continue our students' education, and provide needed structure to children's weekdays. Our mission as a school keeps us focused on our students' social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Return to School Task Force is working diligently on preparing for the upcoming school year and the various learning scenarios we may be facing. No one could have anticipated the COVID-19 pandemic at this time last year. We now know we need to plan for varying degrees of impact by the COVID-19 virus.  We are building on what we learned this spring in order to evolve the schedules, approaches, tools, and platforms we use to deliver our mission grounded program for children. The promise of Friend’s education in a virtual space, as well as a brick and mortar space, is to nurture each and every person’s gifts -- their Divine endowment -- to help them grow and stretch their strengths and their areas that need shoring up.

For now, I invite you to explore Westfield Friends through our website and in conversations with our people. Discover how we will partner with you in developing your child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual life.  How might we as members of the school community and wider surrounding community join together to create the world we seek for children? I believe that world starts here at this Friends School.


Dr. Margaret Haviland, Head of School

Head of School with Preschool and Pre-K on playground