About Me

My students call me Ms. Fielding


B.A., Music
Years in education: 6
Years at WFS: This is my third year at Westfield Friends School.


Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

A Quaker education not only builds upon a student's academic abilities, but supports the growth and development of their character and integrity. The core Quaker values teach students to contribute to the world in a compassionate and understanding way. A strong education and focus on each individual are the reasons I am passionate about Quaker education. 

This Year My Students Will

This year in our classroom, students will be exploring music through moving, singing, listening and composing. Students will learn to read standard notation and perform it through a variety of instruments, including the recorder, ukulele, guitar, and percussion instruments. In our classroom, we strive to become exceptional musicians, collaborative learners, and compassionate people.