About Me

Students call me Teacher Paige


B.A., Human Development & Elementary Education
NJ Teaching (K-6), Certification

Years in education: 9
Years at WFS: This is my third year at Westfield Friends School.


Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

I am passionate about Quaker Education because it is the reason I became an educator! I attended Quaker Schools from Pre-K through 12th grade (including Westfield). The values that were instilled in me as a student I now see create success in my classroom as a teacher. Quaker Education allows me to participate in a community of educators that encourage their students to live lives of integrity, be reflective, promote peace and encourage stewardship. 

This Year My Students Will

This year in my class I will guide my students to take ownership of their own learning. Students will not only be learners, they will also be teachers! I will help guide and develop important critical thinking skills that empower students to take on challenges in a confident and intelligible way. Every day I will strive to teach my students that every person deserves equal respect and that purposeful learning occurs when students can collaborate and embrace one other's differences.