About Me

My students call me Mrs. Parry.


B.S. Elementary Education and American Studies
Years in Education: 8
Years at WFS: 5

Why Iā€™m Passionate About Quaker Education

I find Quaker Education most appealing because it leaves the children with a real self of themselves when they graduate. At WFS, we are a community and a family. We foster the Quaker values within our daily lessons and I believe these ideals carry on with students as they enter the next chapter in their lives.

This Year in My Class

I want my students to enter everyday into a safe environment where they are excited to learn. Discovery through STEM is one big theme in my class this year. My annual theme is "Loving to Learn; Learning to Love". I also tell my students that it is okay to mistakes because without mistakes, we would not be able to learn and grow.
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