About Me

My students call me Teacher Rachael


B.A.  Elementary Education
B.A. Psychology
Currently working toward Masters in Educational Leadership

Years in education: 16 years
Years at WFS: 5 years


Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

I could go on for days about my passion for Quaker Education.  I love the openness and kindness found in Quaker Schools. It's so important that the focus of Quaker Education is to develop the students' character as well as their minds. Finally, how I love that I get to teach a rigorous curriculum to excited learners!

This Year in My Class

I want my students to leave my room with a better understanding that having patience and compassion can make all the difference when dealing with life's challenges, and that there is more than one way to solve a problem.  Most importantly, I want my students to walk away from Third Grade as life-long learners, always questioning and always researching!