About Me

My students call me Mrs. Olsen


B.S. International Trade and Marketing
M.A. Elementary Education
NJ Teaching (K-5), Certification
NJ Teacher of Supplemental Instruction: Reading & Mathematics (K-8), Certification

Years in education: 9 years
Years at WFS: 4 years


Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

Quite simply, for the foundation it sets.  A Quaker education includes challenging academics, while its core values help each child recognize the unique gifts and talents they all possess and encourages them to believe in who they are. Westfield Friends School builds and strengthens the quality of each individual's character and the responsibility each child has to themselves, one another, and the community.

This Year in My Class

We will embark on a journey of inspiring curiosity, exploration, social skill building, and developmentally appropriate academic readiness in an environment that is friendly, safe, nurturing, and stimulating. Through play, movement, music, and self-reflection, each day we will grow. We will engage in thoughtful and meaningful activities that are balanced between active and quiet times, group and individual instruction, and structured and unstructured play, allowing students to learn from one another's gifts. We will work together and problem solve during our daily routines, helping us build lifelong relationships in our community of friends.