Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the WFS Summer Reading page
This summer we are sponsoring a community reads together program
Families with children in grades 3 and younger should be sure to read Jaqueline Woodson's the Day You Begin and Where's Halmoni by Julie Kim as two of the many books you read together.
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Families with children in grades 4 and 5 should plan on reading Jacqueline Woodson's Before the Ever After and A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park
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Children in Middle School (grades 6-8) will read When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller
Enjoy your adventures in reading this summer!
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Preschool - 2nd Grade

If you are entering Preschool, Prekindergarten, First, or Second Grade, your summer job is to read lots and lots of books each day. Find books you think will be fun to have read to you by the adults and other readers in your lives. If you are reading, find books you can read, and practice reading, but also, have a grown-up read books to you. Reading is most fun when done with others. Look for chapter books that you would like to have read out loud! 
  • If you want, when you finish a book ask an adult to take your picture with the book. Email your picture to any Westfield Friends School teacher. 
  • Be sure to complete our Bingo Reading Challenge.
  • Send Teacher Margaret a postcard when you finish reading a book. Postcards went home in book bags at the end of the school year.

3rd - 5th Grades

If you are entering Third, Fourth, or Fifth Grade, you are to read the Jacqueline Woodson book for your grade and either Where's Halmoni or the Single Shard. You are also to read three books from the leveled reading lists available here, and two of your own choosing. This is a total of SEVEN books. The free choice books do not have to be from the books suggested here. Explore your local public library or browse a book store for ideas for good books. If your reading level is not here, select five books of your choice, that are just right for you as a reader.
If you're in the "O-U" Just Right Reading Levels, there are leveled book lists below. Look for your reading level, and enjoy reading the descriptions of the books and select those books that look good to you. You'll be able to find many books in your local public library or in a bookstore near you. Many of the books are part of a series, so you may read others in the series, too!
  • Write a postcard for each one of your books. You must write complete sentences and use proper punctuation.  In a few sentences, describe the plot, the setting, the main characters and give your opinion of the book.  Address your card to any teacher at school, and mail each postcard. Teachers will hand out postcards at the end of the school year. You can also send postcards from places you may visit this summer
  • Be sure to complete our Bingo Reading Challenge.
Below the leveled lists there are other lists created by libraries, librarians, and bibliophiles.
Level O Level P Level Q
Level R Level S Level T
  Level U