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The Westfield Friends Technology curriculum prepares students for their future by covering the latest trends in Computer Science education. Students develop strong skills they can transfer beyond the classroom and learn to be lifelong learners. The focus is on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) computer related activities and projects. Relevant Digital Citizenship topics will also be discussed.
Depending on the grade, the following skills are taught from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade:
  • Read/write (code) basic computer programs on various platforms
  • Debug a program 
    • Identifying and fixing errors in computer code
  • Manipulate and enhance images via photography applications
  • Create their own music/mashups through music applications
  • Program a robot to complete a certain task
  • Design and print various 3D models using TinkerCad
  • Make their own professional portfolio using Google Sites
  • Develop better teamwork skills
  • Develop robust Digital Citizenship skills
    • Identifying credible/non-credible sources, how to use Google Scholar/databases to find information, etc.
    • What does it mean to be part of a digital community? How do you respect/represent yourself professionally in an online space?
    • Internet Safety
    • Digital Footprint
    • Privacy/Security
    • Strategies to Address Cyberbullying
    • Plagiarism/Copyright Law 
    • Information Literacy 
    • Relationships/Communication