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We have resumed masked, In-Person Private Tours and masked, Community Special Events to introduce prospective students and their families to our school. Jillian Stanton, Director of Admissions, will contact you as soon as possible using the information you provide below. She will answer any immediate questions you have and then work with you to arrange a time for your family to attend a private tour of our learning spaces to get acquainted with our curriculum, programming, and approach to education.

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We currently offer tours Monday - Friday, with 4:00, 5:00, or 6:00 pm  tour slots available each day.


Parent Testimonials

Read what parents, the Carrolls, have to say about their experience at Westfield.
We want the best for our children and made the necessary sacrifices to send them to WFS, where the instructional staff provides each child with a high-quality education. Joshua and Jasmine are challenged academically and exposed to different religions and cultures as they interact with the school’s diverse student population. The smaller class size that WFS offers provides an opportunity for more individual attention with an emphasis on understanding how each student prefers to learn. WFS fosters academic excellence and high achievement, educating the whole child within a values-based setting, thus preparing our children for a life filled with success.

Our family joined the WFS community seven years ago. Our daughter Jasmine entered first grade at WFS while our son Joshua entered in the second grade. 

Clearly, the dedicated teaching staff and the opportunities found in exposure to the school’s student-based cultural diversity on a daily basis offer our children an outstanding academic and experiential education. As their parents, we appreciate the spirit of tolerance that both of our children have developed as a result of their time at WFS and we believe their personalities are more well-rounded due to their experiences at WFS. The service projects and field trips are educational and teach our children the value of sharing and giving back to the community.
Public schools are not equipped or oriented to offer the education available at WFS, which fosters the ideals of community, spirituality, responsibility, and stewardship. The staff all understand that each child has unique gifts and talents. Students are called upon to discover their individual voices and interests. The educational experience at WFS is built on a foundation of guiding each child to become a person excelling in all spheres of life: intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Friends schools’ curricula emphasize service, social action, and experiential learning. The teachers in Friends schools believe in preparing each student for college and for life. Teachers ask students to think and listen deeply; they also encourage each student to improve their strengths and have respect for their classmates and the community.

We have had to change educational norms in ways we never imagined. A return to full in-person learning during the current public health crisis carries risks, but the risks of students remaining at home are even higher. Schools nationwide have kept millions of students from entering the classroom and turned to remote learning in response to the ongoing COVID-19 threat. Remote learning likely curbs the spread of COVID-19, the continued school shutdown has devastating implications for students. Remote learning will never be an acceptable replacement for the in-person education on which so many students depend.

WFS has put an amazing plan in place and made it possible for our children to learn in person. Prior to starting school, WFS established a committee focused wholly on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. This dedicated committee started meeting during the summer to put systems in place so our children could return to the classroom. These protective measures include having staff and students complete daily surveys, take temperatures, and require everyone to wear face masks. The crisis has caused the school to expend extra money on equipment to render the facilities safe for the teachers and students to return for in-person learning. The school directors and staff met this challenge with flying colors and kept all the school’s families informed of the process and continuing changes. We believe WFS understands the importance of keeping our children in the classroom. We also appreciate that we have the option of online learning for our children if needed. 

Distance learning at WFS during spring 2020 provided a valuable learning experience for the school and its staff. As a result, over the summer break, WFS evaluated, developed, and launched a new distance learning system that would better fit the needs of WFS students and families. WFS has adopted a new approach to check on students and their families by sending letters to students and making house calls to parents. WFS staff also made personal visits to those who required a little extra connection. Staff would check in with families to see how they could help each student be successful during this challenging time. We understand how fortunate our children are to be able to attend school in person; our children are excited that they can see their friends in school during the week. 

The benefit of in-person learning for Joshua and Jasmine include the ability to concentrate on learning without the distractions readily available at home. They can problem-solve and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds. In-person learning is an effective way for the kids to learn knowledge and skills including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, and group work. We love that WFS still offered the Middle School basketball clinic during the pandemic. I believe this is one of the benefits of attending a private school. Joshua was thrilled he was able to participate in the basketball clinic. This kept some normalcy in his life. Jasmine stresses when she cannot attend school for in-person learning because she loves seeing her friends in person. 

Conversely, online learning benefits afforded under WFS, when needed, include the opportunity to study in the comfort of our own home and save costs on travel. Joshua and Jasmine can avoid getting distracted in class and learn from their peers online. They can build up their skills through interacting with technology. The delivery methods are different, but WFS and its innovations keep the online learning process engaging. They did a Zoom graduation and performed an amazing play via Zoom. 

Recommending WFS to other parents seeking an exceptional education experience for their offspring is a given because the school creates an environment where each child can develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. They offer small class sizes, a safe environment, and employ professional and dedicated teachers. WHS provides an optimal educational experience. A student at WFS will learn skills and be encouraged to pursue their talents and gifts while being socially conscious, which translates into a successful life.

We love the Quaker values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship (SPICES). We appreciate that Quakers believe that there is something of God in everyone and that each human being possesses unique worth.  Quakers teach the value of all people equally and oppose negativity.  Throughout history, Quakers played a significant role in the movements for the abolition of slavery, promoting equal rights for women, and the enduring message of peace. They have also promoted education and the humane treatment of prisoners and the mentally ill. My children take pride in knowing that Alice Paul graduated from a Quaker school and our son thinks it’s so cool to be able to walk past Alice Paul’s burial site at school.