Westfield Friends School

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Why a Friends School?

While Friends schools are renowned for their academic rigor, the cornerstone of the Friends educational model is built upon the notion that our students' quality of character – what kind of people they are becoming – is as vital as their intellectual growth.


A Foundation for Life

Westfield Friends School develops students to their fullest academic and social potential by focusing on active learning enriched by Quaker values. Westfield provides a nurturing environment and safe space for students to be creative and independent thinkers. Our emphasis on hands-on learning brings academics to life for children and facilitates the joy of discovery that we feel marks a life-long learner.


Academic Excellence with a Social Conscience

From Preschool through 8th grade, our students grow in knowledge and are filled with the best qualities of mind and spirit: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. Our faculty strives to bring out each student's individuality, working to develop creative thinkers, problem solvers, peacemakers, and humanitarians who will contribute responsive and responsible leadership throughout their lives.


We Are  All Different

Our students come from diverse backgrounds of ethnicity, family makeup, gender identity and expression, learning ability, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. As a principle tenet of the Quaker tradition and a best practice as defined by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Westfield Friends School has created and maintains an inclusive and equitable community that is safe and welcoming for all. We practice and teach respect, affirmation, and protection of the dignity and worth of each member of our community and the world at large. 


Our Students Know Who They Are

Westfield nurtures self-confidence. In the Quaker tradition, the speech of the youngest child is given the same respect as the speech of an adult. Students are given frequent opportunities to act and play instruments in front of an audience. They mature into accomplished communicators, able to engage in self-reflections, express their opinions, and listen with intent to the words of others. 


We Are Family

Our "Buddy" system, pairing younger students with the older grade levels, is a successful model for forging meaningful bonds and fostering an inclusive, supportive atmosphere throughout the school. The special relationships formed here aren't limited to the students; parents are a part of our daily lives as they volunteer alongside faculty in our classrooms, lunchroom, fundraising and social events, Parent Council, and guest speaking opportunities.  


Meeting for Worship

Each week our community gathers for meeting for worship. The form of worship is simple and easily practiced in a religiously diverse community. Believing that each person has within him or her the capacity to listen deeply and to discern what is relevant and true, students, faculty, and the always-welcomed parents gather to reflect silently, waiting to be moved by Spirit. All are encouraged to speak from their hearts, if so moved. Meeting for worship makes explicit the connection between the inward and outward life that is unique to Quaker education. The unprogrammed nature of meeting for worship, with its focus on the strength of the gathered group, gives children and adults of all faiths a powerful tool for spiritual growth.