The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - April 29th

The Second and Third Grade students have been working hard all month preparing for their Poetry Slam. As a part of Language Arts, they have been studying, reading, writing, and enjoying the work of many different poems. They went to the library to select poetry books and now have memorized their favorites to share. Standing up on stage for everyone to hear takes courage and practice. Like any muscle, speaking to an audience has to be developed over time. Westfield’s teachers give students opportunities to stand in front of their class, their division, and the whole school to gain confidence as speakers.  All of our receiving high schools remark on Westfield graduates’ poise and presence when they speak. 

Meeting for Worship provides another opportunity for students to gather their thoughts and speak from the heart. This week during Meeting, PreK student Farah stood and shared her favorite part of celebrating Ramadan. Another student talked about his family’s Ramadan practice of preparing meals to give to families in need. Tara, in 2nd grade, spoke of God’s greatness in providing for all faiths and beliefs; Leyna, in PreK, asked us to remember her grandfather;  Avi, in 2nd grade, asked us to hold his injured bird in the Light;  Sophie, in PreK, gave thanks for the beautiful world we live in; Imogene, in 5th grade, asked that we hold 5th and 3rd grade in the Light during their poetry performances. These are but a few examples of the richness and depth of children’s spiritual lives.

We are looking ahead to the 2nd Grade this Friday and Field Day next Friday. Everyone, even our youngest preschool friends, will join to cheer our competitors on. Everyone will wear their Blue or Garnet. Cross your fingers that the tee shirts arrive on time!  Monday, May 3rd, is a vacation day.

We are busy with admissions. So far 90 families have made inquiries about Westfield (that’s 34 more than at this time last year). 47 new applications have been completed and submitted. 22 new students are fully enrolled. Frequently, your recommendations are the reason given by these families for why they are choosing Westfield Friends School.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Picnic Breakfast this Saturday. I hope to see all of you for the family night for the Taste of Our Towns Online Fund Raiser. The dinner may be picked up in advance. Georgetti’s makes wonderful family meals. We will have games and other fun activities. If you haven’t participated in the Annual Fund yet, this is a fun way to check that box. On behalf of the school and to benefit your children, I apply for several grants every year. Parent participation in the Annual Fund is always of interest to Grantors.

What I am Reading:

We Are Water Protectors 

Carole Lindstrom


Red: A Crayon’s Story 

Michael Hall


For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health

Al Vernacchio


Firekeeper's Daughter 

by Angeline Boulley