Family Guide & FAQ's

Below, you will find the strategies for our COVID Best Practices at Westfield. 
We would like to also direct you to our interactive WFS 2020-2021 Parents & Guardians/Students Handbook.
In our use of the campus, the Return to School Task Force has focused on strategies that support student learning, emphasize good hygiene, limit access to our buildings, minimize movement within the buildings, minimize close cross-grade student contact, and take advantage of our eight acres to have students outside as often as possible. 
visitor Visitors will not be in our buildings.
  thermometer and survey
Daily Health surveys and temperature checks for everyone entering the buildings
Sick children and staff or children and staff exposed to COVID-19 stay home
Buildings and surfaces cleaned frequently
Children and staff will wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently
In grades 1-8 students will sit six feet apart from each other and will wear masks most of the time. When moving in the building or away from their seats, they will wear masks. During meals and outside time with their classmates, mask breaks will be permitted.
Grades Preschool 2-Kindergarten will wear masks as much as possible (masks are not recommended for children two and younger). Teachers will model and teach them safe social distancing in a nurturing environment. The Preschool, Prek & Kindergarten programs will be outdoors or in large indoor spaces as much as possible.              
   combined indoor outdoor
Pairs of classes -- Preschool 2 & 3, Pre-K & Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, 3rd and 4th grades, 5th and 6th grades, 7th and 8th grades -- have their own, assigned sections of buildings.
Cross-grade activities modified to accommodate social distancing,  moved outdoors, or occur through video-conferencing.
Students are frequently outside for academic instruction and recreation.
open windows
Weather permitting, windows are open to increasing fresh airflow in classrooms and buildings. 
Main Office Hours (School Year)
8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
School Hours 2020-2021
Regular School Hours 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Early Morning Care 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM
Drop Off for School 8:00 AM to 8:25 AM
Extended Day 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Contact the Main Office (856-829-0895 ext.111)
To report your child absent or late please email or call Nicole Cesaretti by 9:00 AM ( or 856-829-0895 ext.111). Read the attendance policy in the WFS 2020-2021 Parents & Guardians/Students Handbook for more info.
For all things related to transportation and dismissal
  • by 2:15 PM pm to change daily dismissal plans
  • to communicate about daily or long-term transportation changes
 message icon To leave a message for a student
 message icon To leave a message for a teacher
To get help with Extended Care
 register icon To register for Extended Care, discuss activities and curriculum, or billing questions contact Director of Extended Day Programs & Summer Camp, Janeen Smith ( or 856-829-0895 ext.135)
To contact someone from your Parent & Guardian Council
parent council icon
For information on monthly meetings, events, or volunteering contact our 2020-2021 co-clerks, Shantay Dinks-Brown or Sandra Ormond
Remember, that as a parent or guardian of a student at Westfield Friends School, you are automatically a member of the Parent & Guardian Council.
To discuss tuition payments, Responsive Tuition, or other financial issues
billling icon Contact Director or Finance & Operations, Carol Beaton ( or 856-829-0895 ext.118)
To discuss admission, enrollment, or increase in Preschool or Pre-K days of attendance
register icon Contact Director of Admissions, Mary Rinck ( or 856-829-0895 ext.113)
To discuss events, gifts to WFS, or alumni relations
 donation icon Contact Head of School, Margaret Haviland ( or 856-889-4464 ext.111)
 To discuss matters of concern
 teacher icon Contact the classroom teacher(s) (see Faculty and Staff Directory)
 counselor icon Contact School Counselor, Laura Jaslow ( or 856-829-0895 ext.122)
 clerk icon Contact Head of School, Margaret Haviland ( or 856-829-0895 ext.111)
 board clerk icon Contact Clerk of the Board of Trustees, Stephanie Judson (
Mark down the Important Dates from this calendar.
Also, subscribe to the WFS Calendar to stay current on any changes.
Parent council icon
Read all about our Parent & Guardian Council to find out how to get involved. If you have a student at the school, you're already a member!
volunteer icon
Become a volunteer - there are so many ways to help.
Contact Nicole Cesaretti in the Main Office to find out about the different opportunities. (856-829-0895 ext.111).  
Contact Carol Beaton to find out about clearances ( or 856-829-0895 ext.118)
Morning Drop-off
8:00 AM to 8:25 AM
Students in Preschool 2 and Preschool 3 will be dropped off at the Preschool. Parents should pull in at the Meeting House Entrance and drive around the Preschool to the entrance facing the Preschool Playground.
Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be dropped off at their play yard outside the Head of School Office. Parents should pull into the main school entrance for drop-off and pick-up.
Students in Grades 1-8 will be dropped off behind the auditorium. Parents will enter at the Meeting House and drive around the ribbons.
• Before coming to school you must complete the student health survey
• Adults should remain in their cars
• Please plan for your children to discharge on the right side of the car
• Children in grades PreK-8 must be wearing a mask before opening the car door
• Westfield Staff will open your car door and may take your child’s temperature and do a quick visual and verbal assessment of their apparent health
• Once your child is cleared, the staff member will help them from the car. 
• Please do not use your cell phone while dropping off and picking up your child.
• Please pull away as soon as your child(ren) are safely out of the car, to make way for others.
• Please do not block Riverton Road. Police and Fire personnel have asked us to be sure they can pass in an emergency.
Cinnaminson Bus will be pulling in the driveway to drop off our students. Please follow all School Bus Safety Rules and please do not pass any bus on the left side.
Afternoon Pick-up
3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Students in Preschool 2 and Preschool 3 will be picked up at the Preschool. Parents and guardians should pull in at the Meeting House Entrance and drive around the Preschool to the entrance facing the Preschool Playground. Staff will bring your children to your car.
Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be picked up at their play yard outside the Head of School Office. Parents should pull into the main school entrance. Staff will bring your children to your car.
Students in Grades 1-8 will be picked up behind the auditorium. Parents will enter at the Meeting House and drive around the ribbons
The dismissal procedure for 1st-8th grades is outlined below. Please read this carefully as the safety and efficiency of this system rely on everyone adhering to these directions.
Please do not arrive before 2:45, as the driveway will remain blocked until that time.
• Enter the property using the Meetinghouse/preschool driveway. Signs will point you in the right direction. We will have staff helping to ensure that the process runs smoothly the first few days.
• Your child will bring home a name ticket on the first day of school. On subsequent days, Please have your name ticket visible so the staff can easily identify you and quickly call your child.
• Drive straight, past the Meetinghouse and Preschool building, following the ribbons, the road through our historic cemetery.
• If you happen to be the first car in line, proceed until you reach the chain/gate
• School staff will remove the chain to begin the dismissal process.
• Weather permitting, students will be waiting for pick-up on the field behind the auditorium. Our goal will be to have your child out to the car by the time you arrive at the pick-up station.
• For their safety, children will only be loaded into the side of your car where they are waiting. Children will not walk around vehicles. Please remain inside your vehicle
• Once your child is safely in your car, you will proceed out, around the side of the auditorium and exit the driveway as usual. The exit is divided into a right-hand turn lane and a left-hand turn lane.
• If your child has forgotten something, pull into one of the available parking spaces and wait.
• If a student is not waiting for you when they are expected to be, you will be asked to pull off behind the parked cars on the left and wait for your child, so as not to hold up the line.
• To keep the process flowing smoothly, we ask that you remain in your car and allow the staff to assist your child with bags, etc. However, staff will not fasten your children into their seats.
These are the new procedures in effect as of November 2, 2020.

Elementary AM Care Drop Off

  • Pull up to the atrium door that faces the school yard.
  • Have your student walk up to the door.
  • Ms Macy will take their temperature before they enter the building.
  • Also, the student's daily health screening must be submitted before they enter the building. 
  • Do not leave until your student's temperature has been taken and they are cleared to enter the building.

Preschool Extended Day Pickup

  • Enter the Preschool driveway and proceed to drive around the Preschool building. 
  • Ring the doorbell on the white metal door that faces the school yard.
  • Ms Luz will greet you with your student.
  • Please wear your mask and practice social distancing; if there is a car ahead of you wait until they pull away before you step out of your car.

Elementary Extended Day Pickup

  • Please park in the main school parking lot that faces Riverton Rd. 
  • Knock on the front atrium door and your student will be brought to the door where you sign them out for pickup.
  • Please wear your mask and practice social distancing.
It is important to understand state and school requirements and complete required forms. Please note that, as per the State of New Jersey requirements, all students must provide the school with proof of up-to-date vaccinations by the start of the school year, or risk exclusion from classes on day 6 of school.
If your child has a medical or religious exemption from the state immunization requirements, documentation must be supplied in place of vaccination records.
Read the Request for Dispensing ANY Medication (Prescription and Non-Prescription) and learn how to get permission for your child to take medication (over-the-counter or prescribed) while at school.
Visit our Forms Central page to download all the necessary BACK TO SCHOOL FORMS.
To contact School Nurse
nurse icon Contact School Nurse, Maggie McHale ( or 856-829-0895 ext.114)