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3rd - 5th Grade


If you are entering Third, Fourth or Fifth Grade, you are to read three books from the leveled reading lists available here and two of your own choosing. The free choice books do not have to be from the books suggested here. Explore your local public library or browse a book store for ideas for good books. If your reading level is not here, select five books of your choice, that are just right for you as a reader.
If you're in the "O" Just Right Reading Level or beyond, there are leveled book lists below. Look for your reading level, and enjoy reading the descriptions of the books and select those books that look good to you. You'll be able to find many books in your local public library or in a bookstore near you. Many of the books are part of a series, so you may read others in the series, too!
  • Write a postcard for each one of your five books. You must write complete sentences and use proper punctuation.  In a few sentences, describe the plot, the setting, the main characters and give your opinion of the book.  Address your card to any teacher at school, and mail each post card.
In the lists below there are other lists created by libraries, librarians, and bibliophiles.
Be sure to look at the nonfiction and the picture books. These outstanding books can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Level O Level P Level Q
Level R Level S Level T
  Level U