About Me

My students call me Teacher Danielle.


B.A. History and Elementary Education
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction 
NJ Teaching(K-5), Certification
I have been an educator since:  2009
I have been at Westfield Friends School since: 2023

Why I'm passionate about Quaker education

I’m passionate about Quaker education because I love the focus on each individual student and celebrating their unique self. I admire Quaker education for teaching diversity and equity to the student body, so students can accept others’ differences. When we help establish self-confidence in students and the ideal of respect towards others, we have helped students grow into individuals who will excel in the real world. 

This year in my class

This year in my classroom we will be focusing on social and emotional growth. Our students will get to know more about themselves and their friends at school. We will be celebrating who we are and learning about the diversity in our own classroom. Our goal is to boost our students’ self confidence and model how to respect all the students and teachers in our school. Students will be learning through play. This will create an on-going curiosity that will make them active learners for years to come.