About Me

My students call me Mrs. Parry


MA in English Literature (Virginia Tech)
Postgraduate work: University of Pennsylvania 
NJ Teaching Certification: k-8

Years in education: 38 years
Years at WFS: 35 years (1 year Pre-K, 1 year grade 6; 18 years grade 3; 14 years grades 7/8 English and History; 1 year grades 6, 7 and 8 English and grade 8 history)


Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

I became a Quaker because I am dedicated to the philosophy that everyone has the light of God you in them and by working together as a community, we can lead meaningful lives and accomplish great things. To have the opportunity to teach children under the guidance of Quaker principles is a gift for both students and teachers. To teach and learn in a community that values spiritualism, respect, tolerance, diversity, and peace along with academic excellence has been a source of inspiration and joy throughout my teaching career.

This Year in My Class

We will establish a community in which we are all teachers and we are all learners. We will gain insight through reading the words of others. We will share ideas through discussions and through our written words. We will become more effective communicators. We will work hard, but we will laugh often! We will all grow and learn more about ourselves and the world around us, and we will have fun!