Our Donors

Listing of donors to Westfield Friends School, including cash and in-kind gifts to the Annual Fund, Endowment, Grant Funding, Planned Giving, Spring Event, Golf & Tennis Outing, and designated gifts from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.  Donations received after June 30, 2021 will be reflected in next year’s report.
* Donors with an asterisk are members of the 1788 Circle (contributions of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund in FY2020-2021)
Hand heartsThe efforts of all volunteers that offer their time and resources to Westfield Friends School are deeply appreciated.  We thank everyone who dedicates themselves to the various event fundraisers, Parent and Guardian Council events, and all the parents, guardians, faculty and staff, and friends of Westfield that give of their time and talents to helping the school on a daily basis.





Community Support from Past & Current Families, Faculty & Staff, Trustees, Companies, & Other Friends

Shilpa and Prasad Acharya  
  Drs. Calvin & Orsula Knowlton*
Connie Adams  
  Donna Kosher
Aerotek Environmental  
  Demie & Bruce Kurz
Kristin and Alat-Eldin Ahmed  
  L2i Construction
Matthew Albright  
  Gerald and Catherine Laughlin
William and Florence Aldrich  
  Nancy Lerner
Aldrich Consulting Services, Inc.  
  Brian and Athena Levan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Aleardi  
  Sharon Levan
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Allen III  
  Michelle and Kenneth Lin
Megan and Stuart Allen  
  Xin and Qing Emily Liu
Jack Allison V and Sherri Briggs   
Karen Altizer  
  Bryan LoSasso and Kristina Nicoles-LoSasso*
Tim Ammon and Megan Young  
  Peter D. Lowry
Antonio Anaya and Maggie McHale  
  Lucas Auto Group
Alice Andrews and Laird Holby  
  Lumen Financial Group
Safeer Ansari and Fozia Janjua  
  Douglas Maier
Archer & Greiner, PC  
  Kennelm and Miriam Brown Mann
Ms. Gail Arnold  
  Zeynep and Thomas Marasheski
Marcia Attard  
  Marathon Engineering 
Barbara Bacon  
  Katharine and Benjamin Mark
Jessica and Matthew Bacon  
  Heather Marrazzo
Nancy Bacon  
  John and Rosanne Martin
The Barclay Group  
  John Gibson Martin Architect
Barney's Kennels and Grooming  
  Jason Charles Matey & Emma-Lynn Melvin
Christopher and Colleen Barr  
  Christian Mattioni
Arnaud and Maria Bastien  
  Lina Mazahreh
Carol and Bruce Beaton  
  Edward McComb
Frank Beideman and Mindy Holman*  
  McCormick Taylor, Inc.
Leslie Belford  
  Luke McKinstry and Liz Euiler
Patricia Benner and Tony Howell*  
  Christine Mercer
Mr. Dorrell Biddle  
  Eric Miller
Dr. Bonita Blazer  
  Falynn Milligan
Linda Brookman Vizi  
  Kylene Milligan
Ralph & Shantay Brown  
  Joseph Morelli
Michael E. and Toni P. Brown  
  Nancy Ann Morris*
Jaclyn Brunner and Matthew Lesneski  
  Scott Moyer
Ryan and Danielle Burke  
  Mrs. Joann Muhr
Michelle and Stephen Burress  
  Reehan and Beenish Nabi
Stefano & Charlene Caposecco  
  Michael and Sharene Neri*
Bill Carrigan and Emily Blanck  
  Raymond and Angela O'Connor
Denise and Jonathan Carroll  
  Kristina O'Doherty
  Marina Olsen
Ms. Joan Cecil  
  Patti Ann Osborne
Nicole and Ron Cesaretti  
  Parson Judson Family Fund
Vincent Chan and Mo Wong  
  Brooks and Kim Paulsen
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cicchini  
  Eva and Richard Peak
Ali and Hulya Ciceksay  
  Tatiana Peak
Barbara Cohen and Dennis Pearl  
  Esther Pearson
Comegno Law Group  
  Daniel Picard and Loryn B. Bruna-Picard
John and Tricia Cranmer  
  Courtney and Nick Polidori
Jay Cranmer  
  Tamika and Humphrey Quao
Lyn Cranmer  
  Margaret Quern-Atkins
Albert Crocetti  
  Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Quickel
Richard and Lynne Cureton  
  Eliane & Hasan Rauf
Marcello and Kathryn Cusumano  
  Alyssa Rawls
CWS Promotions, LLC  
  Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt and Mr. William Merritt
Jon and Jessica Davern  
  Kathy Reilly
Suzanne Day  
  Mary and Scott Rinck
Denise and David DeMarco  
  Rio Supply Inc.
Frank and Lynne Demmerly  
  Riverton Country Club
Mustafa and Aysun Deryal*  
  Michael and Nancy Robinson
Liz and Ken DiPasquale  
  Markley Roderick
James DiPretoro  
  Estate of Rolfa and George Rogers
Wayne Dixon  
  Daisey & Kevin Schaeffer
David Dlugosz and Renée Cohen  
  William C. Schmidt
Ms. Kathleen Donoghue  
  Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schneider
Victoria Dubrow  
  Schuyler Family
The Dubrow Foundation  
  Kevin Senh and Karen Wong
Jessica Durdin  
  Carol Shields
Matthew Ebbecke  
  Karen and Jon Shreter
Ellen Thomas Chiropractic Physicians LLC  
  Mandy and Steven Sigman
Sue and Stan Ellis  
  Charles and Sarah Silcox
The Emens Family
  Mr. William Skinner and Ms. Lori Volpe
Caroline Farrow  
  Craig and Julia Slater
Juli Faulkner and Kevin Sullivan  
  Janeen and Mike Smith
Christine and Brian Fennell  
  Nicole and Mark Smith
Jessica Fielding  
  Mrs. Erma Sobol
Richard and Kathleen Fitzgerald  
  Soft Surroundings
Mary Santor Floyd  
  Jeff Southwood and Amy Harrison
Gail and Conrad Fountaine  
  Joan Spagnoletti*
Carol and Gustav Franco  
  Gail and William Spain
Fresh Produce  
  Stacy Spatzier
Andrew Funk   
  Jon Stears
Edward and Theresa Gallagher  
  Craig Stevens
Catherine and John Gerew  
  Mr. John Stevens and Ms. Michele Sbar
Natalie Peterson and Pete Gibaldi  
  Stevens Management Associates, Inc.
Matt Gibson  
  Janet Stevens and Peter Burgess*
Jose Gomez  
  Maurice Stevenson
Margie and Scott Gorman  
  Eleanor Stevenson
Mr. Roger Graham and Dr. Polly Graham  
  Surety Charitable Foundation
Dr. Nicole and Edward Grayer  
  Dr. Jewelle Sutherland
Shirley Gregory Johnson  
  Mr. & Mrs. Uri Taenzer
Patrick and Shelly Guise  
  Sarah and Ryan Taggart
Louise Coe Hager  
  Michele Lise Tarter
Debora and John Haines  
  Larry and Ruth Tatum
Scott Handt  
  Peter and Lily Taylor
Kristin and David Harp  
  Taylor Wildlife Preserve
Dr. Russell Harrison  
  Susan Taylor
Dorothy D. Haviland  
  Thomas Brennan Architects
Margaret and Tom Haviland*  
  Thomas Chiropractic & Nutritional Therapy
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Hayes  
  Kendall Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Heitzman*  
  Thurber Dental Spa
Barbara Hendrickson  
  Chris and Jennifer Tole
Herman Goldner Co., Inc.  
  Shelly and Nebraska Turner
Jim and Susan Herschel  
  Frank and Meg Urbano
Dr. & Mrs. John Hoffmeier  
  Mike and Kristina Van Name
Shane Hollimon  
  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Veneziano
Bill Hollywood  
  Nils Vigeland
Jennifer and Yvonne Holmes  
  Linda Brookman Vizi
Nancy Horrisberger  
  Luz Vizi
Charles Huckel  
  Cookie and Gregory Vosbikian
Michael Hughey  
  Jenna and John Walker
Gretchen and Ken Hutchings  
  Dr. & Mrs. Marius Wechsler
Daniel and Natalia Ibanez  
  Mary and Kevin Weinstein
Macy Infantado  
  Westfield Monthly Meeting*
Laura Jaslow  
  Whistlers Inn
John Johnson  
  Peter Wilf
Stephanie Judson*  
  Ashli Williams
Kurt and Annie Jung  
  Ty Williams
Oi Kam  
  Larry & Janet Williams
Steve and Connie Kasperson  
  James and Sally Wilson
Shahin and Jennifer Kazemi  
  Wood Plumbing
Johanna Keely & Carl Messina  
  Woodcrest Country Club
Chris and Kristin Keller  
  Kevin Wyszynski
Joon Kim  
  Christine and Vincent Yearly
Sabina and Ahmed King  
  Young's Landscaping
Dr. & Mrs. Dean Kinsey*  
  Barbara Zimmerman

Gifts in Memory of...

Douglas Arnold
Jane Carpenter Post '44
John Cope '59
Charles Dickson '52
Louis Spagnoletti

Gifts in Honor of...

William Carrigan
Judy '64 and Rob '64 Cope
Stephanie Judson
Rosanne Martin
Valerie Parry
William Probsting
Rafael and Samir Rauf


D'Olier Foundation
Emlen Institution Fund at Friends Fiduciary
The Kingsley Foundation

T. Wistar Brown Teachers' Fund


White Richardson Trust


Matching Gifts

CyberGrants, Inc. for Comcast
CyberGrants, Inc. for the Merck Foundation
Radian Guaranty Inc.
Subaru of America Foundation Matching Gift Program
Your Cause, LLC - Mastercard Impact Fund
We do try to acknowledge all gifts accurately. If you notice any errors or omissions, please accept our sincere apology and let us know of the mistake so we are able to make the necessary corrections.
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